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Rs. 80 Lakh Compensation to survivors of Jodhpur, Rajasthan on intervention of PVCHR

Case Details of File Number: 842/20/19/2012
Diary Number
Name of the Complainant
Name of the Victim
Place of Incident
Date of Incident
Direction issued by the Commission
The complainant has forwarded a copy of the press report captioned "another woman dies at Umaid Hospital” appeared in the Delhi edition of Tribune on 26.5.11. This news report pertains to a matter which has already been considered by the Commission in case No. 310/30/2/2012 which has been closed by the Commission vide proceedings dated 21.9.11. These proceedings are reproduced hereunder: "The Indian Express' of 25.02.2011 carried a news report under the caption "12 Pregnant women die in 10 days before Jodhpur hospital wakes up, says IV tainted". As per this report, 12 pregnant women died in a hospital in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, before the State Health Authorities suspected that the deaths might have occurred after the patients having been administered `infected' intravenous `dextrose and ringer lactose' fluids. Two foetuses died in-utero, while the other ten survived. The Commission took suo-motu cognizance of this report and issued notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, calling for a detailed report. A Deputy Secretary to the Government of Rajasthan, Department of Medical Education, has sent a report vide his letter dated 01.04.2011. The report says that as soon as the incidents came to the notice of the hospital authorities, the Hospital Administration of Umaid hospital took immediate steps and samples from OT were sent for bacteriological examination on 17.02.2011 and report was received on 19.02.2011. Since the report did not show any significant results, samples were sent again for re-testing. Simultaneously, samples were sent for bacteriological examination of IV fluids. Three of them tested positive for bacterial contamination. Following this, uses of IV fluids of M/S Parentral Surgical Limited was immediately stopped. The report further says that only two postmortems were conducted as relatives of others did not consent for it. The report further says that two teams from the Medical College, Jaipur, visited the hospital to investigate the cause of deaths. The Technical Committee was of the view that the bleeding diathesis and septicemia occurring in very short duration was not directly related to only their presenting illness, but possible cause of this may be infusion of fluid, which when cultured showed growth of bacteria. FIR was registered against the manufacturing company and the distributor. Store Keeper of the hospital and Drug Inspector of the area were put under suspension. The Divisional Commissioner, Jodhpur, is conducting an administrative inquiry. On the basis of the preliminary report submitted by the Divisional Commissioner, three doctors have been put under suspension. The report further says that a compensation of Rs.5 lakhs has been announced for the family of the deceased. Upon consideration of the material on record, the Commission vide proceedings dated 29.06.11 observed and directed as under: "It is clearly made out that negligence on the part of the hospital staff has contributed to the deaths of pregnant women and this amounts to violation of their human rights and the State Government is liable to compensate the next of kin of the deceased women. The State Government has already announced compensation of Rs.5 lakhs for the family of the deceased women. The Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, is directed to forward to the Commission proof of payment of compensation to the next of kin of the deceased women. The DGP, Rajasthan, is directed to see that investigation in the FIR registered on the incident in question is carried out properly and expeditiously. Proof of payment from the Chief Secretary is expected within six weeks." Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, the Superintendent of Police(Human Rights), CBCID, Rajasthan, Jaipur, has forwarded the report of the Superintendent of Police, Jodhpur, on the investigation of the case registered. Dy. Secretary(Admn.), Medical Education(Group-I) Department, Govt. of Rajasthan, vide communication dated 26.08.11 has forwarded copies of the receipts regarding payment of Rs. 5 lakh each to the next of kin of the 16 deceased women. Since the directions of the Commission have been complied with, this case alongwith the linked cases i.e., 295/20/19/2011, 276/20/19/2011, 386/20/19/2011 & 400/20/19/2011 is closed."
Action Taken
Concluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 4/23/2012 )
Status on 7/15/2014
The Case is Closed.

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