Monday, May 28, 2018

Benefits to Mushar families in Varanasi (NHRC case number: 35869/24/72/2013 )

These proceedings shall be read in continuation with earlier proceedings of the Commission. The matter rests thus. The complainant from an NGO had submitted his complaint dated 21/09/2013 alleging that in Village Hamirpur District Varanasi, the people living in Musahar Basti are facing adverse conditions. During rainy season there is water lodging inside their hutments/dwelling units which destroy their household items. Their hutments/dwelling units may collapse at any point of time, causing any casualty to the affected persons. Block Development Officer, Badagaon Varanasi had submitted his report dated 17/12/2014. It was stated that in the mentioned locality 40 families are living. 22 families have been given benefits of Indira Awas Yojna and proposals had been made to grant benefits of Lohiya Awas Yojna to remaining 18 families. Pursuant to further directions of the Commission, Deputy Collector, Incharge/ Commissions, Varanasi has submitted his report dated 21/02/2017 based on a previous report dated 12/11/2013. The report does not indicate the status of any benefits granted to remaining 18 families in the matter. The Commission has perused the record placed before it and considered the matter. The State Authorities have submitted their reports in bits and pieces. The only report dated 17/12/2014 submitted by Block Development Officer, Badagaon Varanasi is comprehensive in nature which indicates that after survey in the area, proposals had been made to grant benefits of Lohiya Awas Yojna to remaining 18 families. However, no further report has been submitted by District Administration with respect to the benefits granted to those remaining 18 families under the Social Welfare Schemes. District Magistrate, Varanasi and Block Development Officer, Badagaon Varanasi are directed to ensure expedite action in order to grant benefits of Social Welfare Schemes to the remaining families living in Musahar Basti of Village Hamirpur District Varanasi. The copy of Action Taken Report shall directly be communicated to the complainant. A copy of the proceedings be transmitted to the complainant and he is at liberty to approach the concerned authority for redressal of subsisting grievances, if any, in the matter. With these directions, this case is closed.

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