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Serious case of child rights violation

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Labour laws flouted in a BJP meet

4 Sep 2011, 1009 hrs IST

In a shocking case of apathy in Bihar, minor children were seen washing plates -- not at a restaurant, but at a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) function, which was attended by top leaders. However, what is even more shocking is when the Bihar Labour Minister, who was seen feasting at the function, was asked about the children -- he denied he even knew that they were working there.

In a clear violation of child labour laws, 8-12 year old children were employed to serve meals to politicians at a gathering in the state. The child labourers were reportedly paid a measly Rs 150 per day.

The state level BJP meet was also attended by Bihar deputy chief minister and former Governor.

When TIMES NOW asked Labour min Janardhan Singh Segriwal about the labour laws being flouted, he claimed being unaware of child labourers working during the meet. Janardhan Singh Segriwal said that action will be taken against the caterer.

Reporter: Children have been employed here to serve water and to pick plates. What do you have to say about that?

Janardhan Singh: If such is the case then I am under an oath to ensure that child labour does not take place. If I go for a feast and find child labourers working, I don't eat there. I obviously object to that. Infact, if I find a caterer employing a child I make sure that legal actions are taken against him. Child labour is against the law and the govt is trying to stop it.

Reporter: What will you say if I tell you that the plate from which you have eaten has been washed by a child?

Janardhan Singh: I have not seen it myself but I will look into the matter and if so is the case then I will make sure that it stops immediately and legal action is taken against the caterer.


 Sir, the incident reported by the news  channel is a serious case of child rights violation. I urge the commission to look into the matter and take necessary action.

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