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Yogi Adityanath obstructing legal procedures after the killing of a Muslim youth in the name of religion in Gorakhpur of UP

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Subject: Yogi Adityanath obstructing legal procedures after the killing of a Muslim youth in the name of religion in Gorakhpur of UP




In context to the above-mentioned subject it is being mentioned that Sohrab son of Jamil Ahmed of village Shekhpur Harbans Gali, post-Geeta Press, police station Rajghat, Gorakhpur was killed by religious communal forces on March 24, 2011. Sorhab was en route to the village from Haryana where he was employed at a Hatchery company, which has a branch in Gorakhpur too. He was coming to attend marriage of his Bua (father's sister) scheduled on March 26, 2011 on the company's truck.

On way he called up his family member from the cell phone of the truck driver and informed that he would reach Bargadwan (Gorakhpur) a place 4-5 kilometers away from his house at 10 in the night. When Sohrab's brother Nadeem reached the place on the said time he could not find Sohrab. He though Sohrab might have either reached home or stayed at a relatives place since it was too late in the night.

When Sohrab did not reached back home on March 25, 1011 his brother Roomi went to Rajghat police station seeking help. But the station in charge refused to take his complaint for the missing SOhrab and told Roomi to first go and inquire at auto stand.

Afraid with the recent incidents of killing of Muslims in the area Roomi went to Cantonment police station and Dharamshala police out post too but could not get a help.

Roomi was later informed by a constable of the Vasantpur police post, which falls under Chiluataal police station and is near to Roomi's house told the family that an unidentified body has been found in the police area.

Roomi contacted the station in charge who showed the body's picture on his cell phone. Roomi could identify the body as that of Sohrab. He again identified the body at the morgue. The body had multiple injury marks and according to Roomi Sohrab was brutally beaten up and had marks as that of piercing with iron rod and cigarette buds. The body was handed over to the family after a post mortem examination.

Sohrab had Rs 40,000 cash and other valuables but none were found with his body.

Sir, on March 25, 2011 Vijay Kumar son of Kailash, Bhajwanpur Khas lodged an FIR (number-1821/11) with Chiluataal police station stating that in Bhagwanpur village a stranger entered the house of one Rambhuwan at 3 am and was beaten up by people assuming he was a thief. The man was seen wandering near the temple till 2 pm and later he died. An FIR against unidentified was lodged.

When Roomi went to ask for his brother's case the cops at the Chiluataal police station informed 3-4 persons have been detained. Roomi blamed Chandan Gorakhpuri and Paaswan of Yuva Hinduwahini as responsible for his brother's death and asked the cops to name them in the FIR but the SI Bhavnath Chaudhary chased him away. As per the local residents these two people commit such crimes.

Cops take action by MP of Gorakhpur (Sadar) Yogi Adityanath get them relieved saying their arrest will spread communal violence. Locals say Yogi Adityanath saves Hindus from police action after any criminal offence committed by them. Chandan Gorakhpuri and Paaswan too are members of Hindu Yuva Vahini.

Sir, it has to be mentioned that Sohrab had Rs 40,000 cash and other valuables. His house is 4-5 kilometers from Bargadwan and 7-8 kilomters from Bhagwanpur therefore there is no reason for him to go to Bhagwanpur . Locals say if a Muslim passes through Bhagwanpur after 6 pm member of Hindu Yuva Vahini beat him up and snatch all the cash and valuables. If police takes action MP Yogi Adityanath intervenes and get them free. If the cops refuse to set accused free Yogi gets puts men on vandalism that puts the officials under pressure to set accused free.

Sir, Hindu organizations are engaged in loot and murder of innocents in the name of religion. We request you to provide security and financial assistance to the family of Sohrab. Also the criminals involved in the incident be punished and strict action be ensure against Yogi Adityanath for hindering legal process Yuva Vahini.

With regards

Dr Lenin

General Secretary,

Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

SA 4/2 A, Daulatpur, Varanasi-221002, India

Mobile: +91-9935599333

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