Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HRDs are under threat by BSF in West Bengal, Please take urgent step

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Subject: Fwd: HRDs are under threat by BSF in West Bengal, Please take urgent step

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Subject: HRDs are under threat by BSF in West Bengal, Please take urgent step
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The Chairperson                                                       13 July 2011

National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House
Copernicus Marg
New Delhi - 1


Respected Sir


Some armed BSF personnel under leadership of one Company Commander of 91 Battalion, namely Mr. Abhijit Singh (?) in a shocking turn of affairs reached Char Rajanagar village, post office – Char Rajapur, police station Raninagar today (13 July 2011) with two vehicles; threatened our local friend Mr. Kanai Mondal, son of Late Lakhindar Mondal for displaying posters (flex) at the fencing of his house. The said armed forces threatened Mr. Kanai Mondal with a gun in his head of dire consequences and reminded that in the night they will come again to teach him lesson.


Then those two vehicles with armed personnel went to the house of Mr. Rai Charan Mondal son of Late Kedar Mondal at the crossing of Char Rajapur. There also two posters were displaying in that house. Without talking with anyone those BSF armed personnel cut off the ropes tied with the posters and took away two posters.


On way back, those officers reached the house of Mr. Santosh Mondal son of Late Upendra Nath Mondal of Char Rajapur, where one poster was displaying. Those BSF personnel forcibly snatched that poster from that house.


All the posters (flex) published by us, there were also logo of our organization and the logo of UNVFVT (United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture). All the posters were relating to human rights awareness, against torture and for medical, psychological, legal help to the torture survivors with our address. The posters were promptly removed by the armed forces and taken away to Rajanagar camp by the BSF.


Unfortunately, the BSF personnel moved and were involved in such an operation are three houses of Scheduled Caste (DALIT) community.


We strongly condemn this outrageous act of the BSF and are stunned at their audacity to openly challenge the constitutional rights and threaten Human Rights activists. We protest and demand immediate lawful action against the unruly BSF personnels and assurance of complete safety for Mr. Kanai Mondal, of Mr. Rai Charan Mondal and Mr. Santosh Mondal.


Yours truly





Secretary, MASUM

National Convenor, PACTI



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