Friday, July 22, 2011

Ten special kids die in last 2 months, Gwalior admin mum

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In the last two months, 10 physically challenged kids died of malnutrition due to their different disorders in 15 wards of Gwalior city.

These kids were suffering from cerebral palsy (CP), mental retardation (MR), multiple disabilities (MD) and spastic.

A survey, which was conducted by an organisation, Parvarish working for the physically challenged kids revealed these facts.

"A total of 10 kids died of malnutrition in just two months owing to their disability in 15 out of 60 wards of the city. This proves that many kids are dying from malnutrition owing to their disabilities in Gwalior but the administration is keeping mum over the issue," Pradeep Zulu, director of Parvarish said.

He further said that the malnutrition among the physically challenged children especially on CP, MR, MD, and spastic children are much crucial and unnoticed. Many children lost their lives due to extreme malnutrition and often interpret it as medical issues.

These children have many complications, which include body metabolism, functioning of vital organs etc. "Lack of micronutrients and other essentials reduce the effective functioning of the organs and finally the death of the children. It has been observe that many such children are fed with pseudo foods, which provide nothing to the body requirement and development," Zulu said.

Sonu Kumar Batham, Soni, Muskan, Sandeep, Arjun, Adnan, Disha, Dipanshu, Irshad Khan and Ayush were the kids who died due to malnutrition in the 15 wards of the Gwalior in just two months.

Zulu further said that the State Government has no policies for these physically challenged malnourished kids, who are dying not only in the district but also across the State.

"Children from poor households are at greater risk of malnutrition-induced disabilities. Maternal and child health care have a crucial role in minimising the disability rate," Zulu said.

Gwalior Collector Akash Tripathi told The Pioneer over phone that he was not in the position to comment over the issue right now. However, he stated that he would look into the matter after the figures come to his knowledge.          
Sir this is a serious case of human rights violation. On behalf of PVCHR, I request you to ask the state government for instituting ainquiry and provide immediate emergency support to families.

With regards,

Dr. Lenin
Secretary General -PVCHR

SA 4/2 A, Daulatpur, Varanasi-221002

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