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Patparganj raises a stink

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Patparganj raises a stink

Maria AkramMaria Akram, TNN
NEW DELHI: The monsoon is at its peak and so are Patparganj's garbage heaps. Some areas of this planned neighbourhood, marked with modern residential towers, are now without garbage bins, a garbage dump, and even a sanitation contract at the height of the wet season.

Over the first two weeks of July, Patparganj's roads have slowly disappeared under a layer of filth, an unbearable stench of decomposing organic matter pervades its air and flies and mosquitoes have spread like the plague. While the residents suffer, Municipal Corporation of
Delhi (MCD) seems in no hurry to take action. "Due to some reasons, the sanitation contract for the area given to a private contractor had to be terminated. A new contract will be given soon but government procedures take time. Within a week something will be done," an MCD official told TOI.

Patparganj residents are not impressed with the MCD's response. "MCD is the biggest civic agency and if it will take a week to provide citizens with something that should have been done 12 days ago, it is of no use," said Vivian Fernandes, secretary, SRM Cooperative Housing Society. "On the one hand, the mayor is advertising on radio that people should cooperate with MCD and here we don't get basic cleanliness facilities. How can she expect citizens to suffer and still cooperate with MCD?" said Sheetal Verma, 36, an interior designer.

Even the cleanliness staff in the area is clueless about this collapse of sanitation facilities. While access to the dhalao (garbage dump) in Patparganj, IP Extension was blocked some time ago, MCD had placed garbage bins in the area. Lately, these, too, have vanished. "After these bins disappeared, I was asked to dump the garbage on the road by the residents of Sanchar Lok society. We had a dhalao earlier but now it cannot be used as MCD has built a brick wall at its entrance," said M Chand, 62, sweeper of the area.Even before the bins disappeared, residents had been complaining of poor sanitation. "Even earlier, only two garbage bins were provided for a big hospital like Max and Sancharlok Apartments. They were always brimful with filth, and garbage used to be scattered around them. MCD would pick garbage only once a week. They should place more than two bins in the area," said Rita Aggarwal, 27, a teacher.

A park behind Max Balaji Hospital and next to the BSES Yamuna office has turned into a dumping ground for Khota Hasanpur residents, Patparganj housing societies and the nearby restaurants. "The whole stretch stinks as garbage is lying on both sides. With so much garbage lying around, the neighbourhood has become a mosquito breeding zone and diseases like dengue and malaria are likely to spread," said GC Gupta, 71, a resident.

The residents say they have contacted MCD Commissioner KS Mehra but are still waiting for action. The commissioner could not be contacted on Wednesday despite many attempts to do so.


Sir, this is a case of serious human rights violation and glaring failure of the civic agency in providing the citizens a healthy environment to live.  On behalf of PVCHR, I request you to look into the matter and take immediate action.

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