Friday, June 10, 2011

Justice for Raj Bala

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New Delhi.




Greetings from PVCHR.


"Rajbala fell down after being hit in her neck and subsequently came under the feet of the thousands of desperately fleeing crowd." Alok an eyewitness describes what happened to Rajbala and how she suffered.


Rajbala's medical report in LNJP Hospital, shows that her neck bones behind the head has seriously been damaged, resulting in her slipping into the state of paralysis. According to Ms Richa Diwan, Medical Superintend, 71 persons were admitted for treatment out of which 12 were asked to stay for follow up treatment while, others were discharged after treatment. Two persons including Rajbala were in serious condition and thus admitted in the hospital ICU.


According to newspaper report quoting police version, only 62 persons were injured in the mid night action by Delhi Police. This includes 39 persons who participated in the programme organized by Ramdev and rest 23 was police persons. All police persons and 13 participants were discharged after their treatment.



Sir, this is violation of the fundamental rights of citizens. It is the fundamental right of the citizens to gather peacefully in a place with prior permission. Nothing seemingly was taking place raising suspicion of law and order problem warranting such massive crack down on the participating yoga lovers including women and children. There are riot manuals, prescribed for the security agencies. Protection of citizen's right is expected to be the highest defining guideline for the state.


I sincerely request NHRC to organize an independent enquiry and initiate appropriate action against those who violate human rights. Also the state may be directed to bear all present and future medical cost of the victims. The victim's family must be compensated for the psychological trauma and physical sufferings. NHRC should investigate about the other sufferers of police action and provide financial relief.


On behalf of PVCHR, I also urge NHRC to consider providing psychological counseling both to the traumatized victims and the police personnel who were engaged in the action.


Sir, please find the newspaper information attached for your perusal.


With regards,

Dr. Mohanlal Panda

Advisor, PVCHR

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