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Justice for the victims of Endosulfan

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Subject: Justice for the victims of Endosulfan


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Greetings from PVCHR.


Please refer to the news in the link and the report:

6,000 disabled by endosulfan in State: Survey

Bangalore, June 28, DHNS:

The toxicity of endosulfan in Karnataka and Kerala has been an issue of concern for the last 20 years. However, in comparison to Kerala, the victims in Karnataka are worse off, according to a survey by the Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi.

A recent survey carried out in three taluks –– Puttur, Bantwal and Belthangady –– has revealed that 6,000 people suffered from various degrees of disability caused by endosulfan. Foundation President Ravindranath Shanbhag said they had submitted the list of these disabled people to the State Disability Commission.

He also insisted that the government conduct medical examination on all the people, especially the 25,000 children who were exposed to endosulfan and showed evidence of chromosomal abrasion. "We are also going to intervene in the complaint filed by a group from Kerala with the Supreme Court demanding a ban on endosulfan use altogether," Shanbhag said.

He also pointed out that from the data available with Women and Child Development Department, around 4,000 pregnant women were affected. However, there is no facility for ultrasound scanning and many cannot afford it. "The government should sponsor the scanning facility for these women within 20 weeks. If they find that the foetuses have development problems, I insist that government provide support in aborting them," he said


Sir, on behalf of PVCHR, I request you to look into the matter and take necessary action.


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  1. Most of the comments seem to be on the politicians and counter arguments against the ban. Before raising the flag for any side think about your food and our health. Any thing that happens in the farming will reach our body. Farming practices should not be seen isolated from our food issues. So it is better to see the issue “whether theses chemicals are needed for our and our children's body or not?” Don't get boggled down with the argument of food scarcity and hunger. None of us are going to change our life style or reduce our consumption to eradicate the poverty or hunger either at globsl level or at local level. They are the worries of the system managers - the govt. and certainly not of yours. Let us try to focus on our self. Do we need these kinds of chemicals in our food stuffs?