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Save the farmers of Bundelkhand

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Greetings from PVCHR.


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The report mentions about 519 cases of suicide by farmers in the 7 districts of Uttar Pradesh's Bundelkhand area in five months of 2011. In 2010, the number was 583. The report refers to growing indebtedness of farmers.   


The emergency medical officer at Banda's district hospital, Dr Vineet Sachan, said, "The District hospital treats at least three suicide or attempted suicide cases every day. We are able to save about 60% cases that are brought to us in time. We have observed a year-on-year increment of 20% in suicide cases over the past few years. Since January 2011, we have over 550 cases." the report mentions.


However, according to the same report, Banda District Magistrate, Mr A.K.Dwivedi said, "We have been in the line of fire for the spate of suicide deaths in the district. Deaths have occurred, but we have examined each case carefully and not a single person has died because of hunger or debt. Although farmers who died were poverty stricken and had also taken loans, their reasons for committing suicide were personal."


Investigating officer at Banda's Paprainda Police Assistance Centre, Brij Kishore Sachan, said, "Farmers in Bundelkhand are very smart. They understand that government can be milked if a starvation death is reported. As a result, they attempt to project every death as a result of starvation or debt."


On behalf of PVCHR, I also urge NHRC to look into the matter. The scale of suicide death not only indicates failure of policy implementation but also neglected state of the farmers. NHRC should direct the state government to reach out to farmers in distress and help them in all possible way. People in the state have been hearing about "Bundelkhand Package" from the state government and the government of India. NHRC should intervene to immediately find out the state of such promised packages and their implementation to save the people of Bundelkhand from hunger.  


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